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Despite continued calls from the constituents of Virginia’s 10th Congressional District, U.S. Rep. Barbara Comstock continues to evade our many requests for a Town Hall meeting. District 10’s residents continue to press Comstock and her staff to hold an event where we can express our concerns about the current Executive and Legislative agenda.

Please contact Rep. Comstock and ask her to hold a Town Hall meeting. Call or write her every day! Visit for contact information. 

Having a hard time finding the Congresswoman? That’s okay, we can relate. Thanks to a project by constituents, at least you can find her votes. Take a look…


Comstock’s voting record


Listen to a recording of Barbara Comstock’s phone conference with constituents: (skip to 7:00):

Read a transcript of the call: tele-town-hall-minutes-2-21-2017-final

Courtesy of the ineffably clever fellow constituent, Brynn Quick. Our hats are off to you, Madam:


Click to see how sad constituents have become







Curious how many of the Congresswoman’s bills have been turned into law? Want to see her attendance record? Review her report card…

Comstock’s record during the 114th Congress


GOP Predicts Comstock’s Re-election Will Be an Uphill Battle


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